Invest well to live better

We are a company formed by a group of experienced investors, who offer a real estate investment with an immediate return.

 We buy, renew, rent and our customers benefit.

 We accompany our clients from choosing the property through to management of the unit.

Investment management and online access always available to our clients through their online account.

The key is to invest with the right support

What do we do?

  • Find properties in the best areas of Detroit and at the best price.
  • We remodel the homes so they are ready to tenant.
  • We select the right screened tenant for the property.
  • We manage the rental unit.
  • We offer our clients an attractive investment with a good return.
  • And each month we send a full financial owner statement.


Opportunities are for those who are attentive to signs.

The opportunity is in Detroit and now is the time.  We offer our investors a high return, stable currency, tax appeals and low prices. Detroit is experiencing one of the biggest resurgence in the US real state market and our clients are getting great returns on investment.

The return on real estate investment in Detroit is higher than in any other city in the United States, with an initial investment starting at $49,000.


    • Area: 115m²
    • Neighbourhood: Wade
    • City: Detroit

3 1


    • Area: 125m²
    • Neighbourhood: Bethune
    • City: Detroit

3 2


    • Area: 101 m²
    • Neighbourhood: Moross-Morang
    • City: Detroit

3 1



Because our company is present throughout the process of remodeling and renting.

We can offer our clients the confidence and security of really knowing the units we offer.

We are able to give them insight into the location of the property and performance of the tenant before they buy.

Our clients then continue an already established relationship were we provide an all in one solution.

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