Buying Process

We make it easy for our investors

Because we know what we do we offer a complete service to make the investment easy, with total control by the investor that will have access via telematics at all times to the management of its properties.

We offer a complete, transparent and agile purchase process. We have management and maintenance team in the city of Detroit, so any repair or incident is resolved quickly and at the lowest cost.

The steps in the purchase process are:

1. Property reservation:

When an investor decides to buy, a reservation of the chosen property is made, which will be put on hold for the purchase contract to be sent.

2. Purchase agreement:

Clearly specifies the basic terms and conditions of the purchase. It shows the property that is sold, the time it will take the purchase process and details the necessary inspections.

3. Repeat ingenture tank (EMD):

A withholding deposit of about $1,000 – $2,000 is set up to keep the property reserved while all checks are prepared. The withheld deposit is 100% refundable if the investor changes their purchase decision. The withholding deposit is held in trust by a notary at a securities company.

4. Property Registration Title:

When the contract and deposit have been received by the securities company, the necessary controls are initiated to provide a clean and charge-free title to the investor.

5. Lease copies and inspections:

While the notary work is being carried out we provide copies of the leases. In this time period you can organize or carry out an independent property inspection and send a report to the buyer.

6. Simple note and closing documents:

Once the checks are completed the rest of the funds will be sent discounting the initial deposit. Within one week of purchase, a Deed will be issued and emailed to the buyer.

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