We have at our disposal a secure server in which to control the management of the property at any time.

We control the whole process, you only contract with our company, this is the only way to guarantee the best service, all the information and decision-making capacity for investors, a competitive price and eliminate the duplication of management with intermediaries. We accompany our investors from advice to writing, rental contract and housing maintenance. We are present throughout the management and offer a complete service without loose ends.

The American law and taxation together with the notary are responsible for guaranteeing the entire operation with the relevant legal clauses and the constitution of the company for the purchase and exploitation of the property. You can check your tax records and statuses directly on the state’s website at any time.

We have a legal accounting office to establish and manage companies in the USA, we take care of tax filings and our professionals speak Spanish/English.

The company was established by European investors who wanted a safe investment in rental properties in Detroit. Our best cover letter is the number of satisfied investors, which never stops growing.

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